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Sister Luv's Life ~ Memories

Updated: Jul 12

❤❤❤❤Sister Luv's Life❤❤❤❤

Memories: I believe it!!  Shelly will make sure her blankie will be there!

"FAMILY QUIRKS: Walking through the kitchen, 7 yr old Elsie runs to me with big hugs on her mind.  As we embrace I say, "Oh, Elsie I love you soooo much!  5 yr old Shelly sees our hugging and runs to join us.  "Oh, what a present", I exclaim, "and just think we will know each other forever...we will visit the Lord, ride horses..." Shelly interjects, "And you won't be my Grammie, you'll be my sister!  "Yes, that's true, " I smile, " Won't that be something?"   "And" she continues, "I will bring my blankie!"  We all laugh and I say, "I think the Lord will think that is just fine!"  :)"

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