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Image by Katie Harp

Meet The Sister Luv Squad

Sister Luv is a multi-generational team that works together to bring encouragement to the world through music!


 Xena Arielle 

Xena is the eldest of the four sisters of Sister Luv. She plays guitar, writes songs, and contributes her lovely soprano voice to  the "Sister Luv Sound".

Xena is also the collaborative show coordinator with Sister Luv's manager, Linda.

She luvs to explore and appreciate the styles of bygone eras. Especially that of the 60s-70s.

Xena has a warm personality and a gift for speaking to the hearts of every audience.


 Michelle Gabrielle 

Michelle (aka Shelly) is the youngest of the four sisters of Sister Luv. She plays ukulele, harmonizes by ear, as well as contributes her "vintage-esque" voice to the "Sister Luv Sound".

Shelly is introspective, observant, and insightful, which leads to a delightful sense of humor.

She luvs to collect vintage teen magazines, such as Tiger Beat & 16. She is a pop trivia buff of the 1950s-80s but her favorite decade is the 1980s. 


 JLee Joy 

JLee is the second eldest of the four sisters of Sister Luv. She plays Mandolin, harmonizes by ear as well as contributing her alto voice to the "Sister Luv Sound". 

JLee is also the Graphic designer, secretary, and assists Sister Luv's manager, Linda, with booking and promotion.

JLee luvs reading, computer programming, and researching Biblical history.  She runs her own Graphic design business, Undaunted Courage Designs.



Linda is the Manager, Costumer, and Show Producer for Sister Luv. She has always had a luv of music and extraordinary talent for design. 

Linda has a Bachelor's degree in teaching and used her education to homeschool her granddaughters (Sister Luv). Throughout Sister Luv's life she has been a major influence in passing on her luv of music, theatre, and history.

She counts it a joy and blessing to work within this multi-generational endeavor, and feels that more families should experience this journey. 


 Elsie Jenean 

Elsie is the third eldest of the four sisters of Sister Luv. She plays Banjo, Piano, contributes her rich voice, as well as her joyful spirit to the "Sister Luv Sound". 

Elsie has a quick wit and is always looking to make others smile and laugh! Seeing the humor in every situation adds to her charming and endearing personality.She has her own in home bakery, Sweeter than Honey

 She luvs reading, writing, baking, and  gardening.

Elsie is intrigued by the concept of time travel.


 Mandy Sue 

Mandy is the Sound Technician and Powerhouse Roadie for Sister Luv. 

She is the official time keeper and makes certain all team members arrive at the venues on time. (This is an extremely important role, as the other members of the Sister Luv team are not inclined to this talent.)

Her engaging personality and "can-do" attitude encourages and supports all who know her.

Linda and Mandy work closely together behind the scenes to bring every audience a quality show!

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