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A Special Patsy Cline Concert

During this "unusual" time, we've been given wonderful opportunities to perform in areas that we might not have had the opportunity...This lovely woman was given a gift by her family to attend a Patsy Cline Impersonation concert early this year. Of course, "our current situation" interfered with that...THEN due to sudden medical issues, the gift was postponed further. So, her sweet daughter decided to hire someone to do a private home concert for her. We were given the information about the private concert from a dear friend and so we wrote to her daughter. After a few weeks, I assumed she hired someone else and then we received her was such a blessing to us...Meet Nora, a sister in Christ, and a delight to sing for! We first sang Patsy songs and then as a finale we performed our Legends skit...which consisted of Tammy Wynette (Xena), Skeeter Davis (JLee) Crystal Gayle (Elsie), and Loretta Lynn (Shelly).

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