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A Charming Evening, Dining in History

Tonight after a Performance at a country Jamboree Sister Luv headed to Mantorville to dine at the historical Hubbell House!! It was a marvelous experience filled with romantic atmosphere, exceptional service, delicious food, and the best company you could ask for!! As Their special The Hubbell House served stuffed shrimp and steak, with your choice of potato, and soup or salad. Linda, Mandy, Xena, JLee, and Elsie all ordered the special. Meanwhile, Shelly ordered a personal pizza from the children's menu, which included a free sundae at the end of her meal, She was absolutely thrilled ( The sundae is why she orders what she does)!!! Once everyone was finished, and the bill was paid, we all headed home to rehearse for our upcoming 50s-60s show, which we'll be performing throughout the month of May!! This is a show you won't want to miss!! Come see it at senior day @ Ironwood Springs Christian Ranch , Whalan's Stand Still Parade, and more venues yet to be released!!!

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