~Manager,Costumer, Choreographer          Vocal Coach Extraordinaire~

Linda Watson is all of those titles wrapped up in one! She has had a passion for costuming and creating things all her life. When she lived in Washington state she costumed for theaters, owned a fabric and alteration store , and even designed wardrobe for a fashion show!

Years later, after moving to Minnesota she used her talents to bring joy to her Grandkids by making them all sorts of extravagant costumes to play in. When 4 of her Granddaughters ( Xena, JLee, Elsie, and Shelly) ,who she homeschools and helps raise, said they wanted to audition for a local community theatre show, she was very encouraging and offered her costuming talents to the show. Since then , Linda and Sister Luv have worked with various theatres together!

After Her Husband, Mike Watson or as the girls called him Papa Bear, passed in November she encouraged the girls to continue with their music and performing to honor their Papa, as it was his wish for them not to give up and to dedicate their music to the Lord! Now Linda is all Manager, Costumer, Choreographer, Vocal Coach, Chauffeur, and booking agent for Sister Luv!

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